Services Provided

Servaco PPS provides a wide range of services to support our clients’ operations and help increase productivity. Our team are on hand to provide advice and recommendations on the services that can best address your business challenges, including:

Supply chain analysis and recommendation of best quality products for applications. Competitive pricing resulting in cost savings and improved cash flow management

Delivery of supply needs from source to site through our extensive global and local network

Equipment installation and after sales support/training
Installation and/or commissioning of equipment; product training in order to ensure equipment reliability and security

Condition monitoring and laser alignment services
Equipment monitoring services to aid the reduction of unscheduled downtime through improved efficiency

Engineering, procurement and construction management services (ECPM)
Cost-effective turnkey solutions

Safety technical services (including OHSE) and safety audits
Work place safety audits (identification of risks and hazards) and bespoke training to improve work environments and increase productivity

Filtration & lubrication services management
Offline and online filtration and lubrication services for prolonged equipped life span

Wear & corrosion control services
Machine surface coating (pumps, pipes, floors, pulleys etc…) for increased product life cycle

Conveyor system installation and repairs
Installation, replacement and splicing of conveyer systems for improved plant availability, increased machine uptime and reduced unscheduled downtime

Refractory installation services
Furnace and boiler relining and heat insulation services for improved plant availability and extended machine working life