Product Update


Linatex furnishes a wide variety of natural rubber grades and natural rubber and synthetic blends, both of these in varying thickness and surface finishes. This combination allows Linatex to suit your needs in a variety of applications ranging from wear and impact protection, to noise reduction, to personnel protection.

  • Linatex – The world’s Premier Red Rubber (95% latex) in 40 Durometer sheet form. High resilience cut and tear strength, abrasion resistance, and noise reduction
  • Linatex HM – Linatex with an extremely high strength and modulus of elasticity. Linatex HM is specifically formulated for applications where a high coefficient of friction, high wears resistance, and moderate heat resistance is needed
  • Linard 60 – Hard Rubber, silica reinforced version of Linatex for severe wear duty
  • Linard HDS – Hard rubber, natural/synthetic blend companion to Linatex designed to withstand severe wear duty
  • LinaPlus FG – Natural rubber for food applications; made from FDA approved ingredients
  • LinaPlus OZ – Natural Linatex specially formulated for applications where ultraviolet light is of concern in using ordinary natural rubber
  • LinaTrile – Linatex formulated to handle high abrasion in an oil or chemical application where natural rubber compounds fail
  • LinaGard BB – Linatex formulated to provide linings in acid, alkali, or high temperature applications
  • LinaCrepe – Linacrepe is the uncured form of Linatex, furnished from the factory with a curative package. No further mixing/handling is needed prior to curing. It is formulated to allow end users the flexibility to use Linatex in new ways departing from the use of cold bonded sheets. LinaCrepe is available in sheet form packaged in 50 Kg. containers
  • LinaCrepe HM – The uncured form of Linatex HM
  • LinaCrepe FG – The uncured form of Linatex FG
  • LinaCrepe 60 – The uncured form of Linard 60


Cromwell is Europe’s leading independent supplier of maintenance, repair and operations type products, offering the widest choice to all industries, professions and trades.

Cromwell is now the largest British owned industrial distributor and has 1,588 employees. The company is unique in having 56 Distribution Centres Worldwide, 4 specialist companies and an export division operating in 37 countries and 5 continents, a team of “time-served” sales engineers in each region, global product research & product analysis unit, a team studying production methods worldwide. A unique daily inter-company delivery system enabling rapid access to products, services and information.

PPS are the exclusive Cromwell distributor for Ghana, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Togo, Guinea and Mali.

  • Drill bits, grinding and cutting disc
  • Screw drivers, spanners, socket sets
  • Hand drilling/grinding machines
  • Calipers/micrometers/dial gauges
  • Lathe/shaping/milling/drilling machine
  • Pallet trucks/stackers/chain hoist/slings


  • CART seal
  • ALFA LAVAL seals
  • KSBseals
  • GRUNDFOS seals
  • APV seals
  • Asbestos graphite packings
  • Synthetic packings


  • Airchocs (Blasting)
  • Valnet (mobile vacuum unit)
  • Trucks Cleaning Systems


Briggs Industrial Footwear is a long established specialist business to business supplier of safety and occupational footwear. The very latest designs from around the globe delivered to you with the added assurance of recognized quality brands and surpassed service levels.

  • Himalayan Safety Boot
  • Dr. Martins Safety Boot
  • Timberland Safety Boots
  • Toesavers Safety Boot
  • Caterpillar Safety Boot


Process and Plant Sales Ltd are excited to introduce Proforce professional ‘Head to Toe’ PPE products, designed and engineered to meet the stringent and uncompromising demands from industry in the 21st Century.

We have developed our own range of PPE solutions branded Proforce, that compliment each other and integrate within the workplace ensuring optimum performance is always achieved. All products are CE marked and have been tested and accredited to the EEC Directive for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) No.89/686/EEC.

You will find an exciting and comprehensive array of PPE covering Head, Hearing, Eye & Face, Respiratory and Hand protection, plus a full range of Work wear contained in the following downloadable catalogues.

  • EYE PROTECTION: Safety Glasses, Face shields, eye Goggles
  • BODY WEAR: Overalls, Overcoats, Reflective vest, Bomber Jackets, Polo Shirts
  • EAR PROTECTION: Ear plugs (corded/cordless), Ear Defenders
  • HAND PROTECTION: Welders Gloves, Rigger Gloves, Rubber Gloves
  • HEAD PROTECTION: Safety helmet, Bump Caps


  • BARRIER SYSTEMS: Caution Tapes/Safety Cones/Expendable /Frontier Barriers/Speed Ramps/Belt barriers
  • HEAD PROTECTION: Safety Helmet, Bump Caps, Miners Helmet, Linesmen Helmet
  • WORKING ON HEIGHTS: Full Body Harnesses, Lanyards, Harnesses Karabiners, Fall Protection Kits
  • FACE PROTECTION: Welding shields, Welding Goggles, Face shields, Safety Glasses, Goggles
  • OIL SPILLAGE MANAGEMENT: Oil/Chemical spill kits, Oil Booms


  • LOCKOUT/TAGOUT DEVICES: Safety Hasp, Safety Padlocks, Lockout stations, (Electrical/Mechanical and Universal Lockout), Warning Tags, Pipe marking, visual tagging, safety signs, Label Printers (industrial) Printers consumables
  • FLOOR MARKINS TAPES: Self-adhesive Tapes


  • BODY WEAR: Disposable overalls
  • NOSE PROTECTION: Disposable Nose mask (FFP1,FFP2,FFP3, Chemicals)
  • BODY PROTECTION: Mosquito Repellent (Ultrathone)
  • OIL SPILLAGE MANAGEMENT: Oil Absorbent (Boom Pads)


  • Lightning Mixers
  • Agitator shafts/Impellers
  • Gearboxes
  • APV Heat exchangers
  • Brain Luebbe metering Pumps


Belt fasteners, scrappers & Impact beds.

Maximize belt conveyor uptime, productivity and safety with Flexco products.

  • Solid Bolt Plate Fasteners
  • Eliminator Type Belt Cleaners
  • Flexlag Plain Lagging Materials
  • Flexlag Diamond Lagging
  • Flexlag Ceramic Lagging
  • Flex Conveyor Skirt Clamp
  • Mechanical Belt Splicing Tool
  • Conveyor Impact Bed
  • Composite Nylon Rollers


  • High Impact Wearing
  • Standard and High Performance Backing
  • Acid Coating and Grouting


Bearings & Monitoring equipment, Hand and Power Tools Lubricants

  • Taper Roller Bearings
  • Spherical Roller Bearings
  • Spherical Plain Bearings
  • Cylindrical Roller Bearings
  • Trust Bearings
  • Needle Roller Bearings
  • Ball Bearings
  • Ball bearing Pillow Block
  • Condition Monitoring Equipment
  • Single Point Automatic Lubricants
  • Grease & Bearing Lubricant
  • Bearing Maintenance Tools
  • Bearing Extractors, hydraulic Pulleys & Heaters
  • Bearing seals


  • Ph. Meter
  • Colorimeter
  • Centrifuge
  • Burette and pipette
  • Gas meters/balances and scales
  • Conical flask/filters


We provide Leco Analytical, Metallographic, Spectrographic and Separation Science equipment, consumables and related spare parts manufactured and assembled in the USA. Leco Corporation Instrumentation Manufacturing Division is certified to ISO-900 2 accreditation.

Process & Plant Sales Ghana is the authorized exclusive distributor for Leco Africa SA in the West African Sub-region since 2007.

  • Carbon sulphur analyzer
  • Mercury analyzer
  • Organic
  • Inorganic
  • Metallographic
  • Mass Spectrometers
  • GDS Spectrometers
  • Carbon sulphur analyser


The Fenner range of power transmission products are manufactured to the highest industrial standards and exacting specifications. Our products have set the standards for technical development in the toughest applications.

Power transmission products that are made for exacting specifications and have become the standard industry.

  • Classic PB V-Belts/Power Plus PB Wedge Belts
  • Banded V & Wedge Belts
  • Taper lock & Pilot Bore Pulleys
  • Power transmission RollerChain
  • Sprockets, Taper lock, Finished & Pilot Bored
  • Co-axial Worm/Helical Worm
  • Bevel Helical/Shaft Mounted drives
  • Single or Three Phase D.C./Integral Motors
  • FootFace or flange mounting options
  • Fenaflex HRC coupling
  • Taper lock
  • Hose and Connectors/Hose Assemblies
  • Self-Assembly Package Adapters
  • Hand and Power Tools/Lubricants
  • Seal and ‘O’ rings
  • Adhesives/Grease Feeders


  • Handheld and automated Plasma cutting equipment
  • Accessories and consumables
  • Gas Cutting


  • Activated Carbon
  • Flocculants
  • Caustic Soda
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Forged Steel Balls
  • Chrome Steel Balls



  • Manual welding and cutting equipment
  • Welding consumables
  • Welding automation
  • Mechanized cutting systems




  • High tensile and Abrasion – resistant quenched and tempered steel plate
  • Bisplate Brinell Hardness 320, 400, 450, 500, 600
  • Hardox Brinell Hardness 400, 450, 500 & 600


Robert Lickley Refractories is a well-established British Company having been founded in 1970 and is primarily involved with the manufacture of monolithic products and their precast derivatives for use in boilers, furnaces, steel making and many other industries.

PPS distributes Robert Lickley products exclusively throughout West Africa. 

  • High alumina bricks
  • Airset or premix mortar
  • 1600 castables
  • 1800 castable
  • 1800 TA castable
  • Raming Max
  • Crucibles
  • Fibre glass blanket
  • Kaowool ceramic blankets
  • Relief valves, blow down valves, gauges, manhole gaskets, sight glasses


All products are manufactured to exacting specifications, using only the highest quality components and materials. The company operates from its factory and offices in Centurion, South Africa, where all products are manufactured on product specific machinery.


  • Taper Roller Bearings
  • Spherical Roller Bearings
  • Spherical Plain Bearings
  • Cylindrical Roller Bearings
  • Trust Bearings
  • Needle Roller Bearings
  • Ball Bearings
  • Ball bearing Pillow Block
  • Condition Monitoring Equipment
  • Single Point Automatic Lubricants
  • Grease & Bearing Lubricant
  • Bearing Maintenance Tools
  • Bearing Extractors, hydraulic Pulleys & Heaters
  • Bearing seals


(Good Year Engineered Products)

  • Conveyor Belts
  • Mining & Industrial Hoses
  • Steel corded conveyor Belts
  • Hot & cold conveyor
  • Power Transmission Drives