Oil, Gas & Marine

About the sector

West Africa is home to some of the continent’s fastest growing economies, many of which are fueled by the vibrant marine, oil and gas industries. Oil and Gas exploration in selected countries has resulted in many opportunities for these states, which are at different stages of economic and energy development.  With the rising continental and global energy demand due to a surge in population growth on the continent and across the world, the Oil, Gas and Marine industry in West Africa has a key part to play in meeting the energy supply challenge of the future. Though challenges like limited capacity for refining the oil locally still remain, the industry in the sub-region, with the provision of infrastructure and investment, has a wide range of opportunities across the upstream, midstream, and downstream and oilfield services sector. On the whole, West Africa’s oil reserves and production are projected to increase over the medium to the long-term, given the positive outlook and forecasts for further oil and gas finds.

Servaco PPS’s expertise

In the oil, gas and marine sectors, Servaco PPS has been the front liner in the delivery of quality products and services in the West African sub region for close to ten years. The company has delivered proven value and built networks within the industry to enable the company stay at the fore front of providing the most innovative and latest products to its customers.

Types of Businesses we serve in this sector

  • Ports, Harbours & Dry Docks
  • Oil Exploration & Production Companies
  • Oil Refineries
  • Gas Processing plants
  • Floating barges
  • Stevedoring companies
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Service Company
  • Project Management and Operations